Our services

Strategy & marketing support

First, we analyze and evaluate existing and target conditions and examine established practice before doing anything else. We monitor the media resonance in your communications and competitive environment. We use internal workshops to reveal communication gaps and our recommended strategic levers. We work together with you in creative meetings to decide which measures will lead to success and how to best network them. We devise and implement materials for your marketing communications, such as folders, mailshots, case cards, motivational material for employees and field staff, letters, etc.

Media work

We know how to get complex medical and pharmaceutical messages across in an understandable way. Our press dossiers help journalists research current topics and frequently asked questions. We compile customized tools for you to meet the specific needs of your target group in expert circles or the general public.

We interpret content marketing not as unidirectional, promotional, persuasive communication, but as an ongoing flow of information and interaction with target groups. After all, digital healthcare communications still follow the rules of journalism, which use actuality, relevance and authenticity as the basis for credible and successful target-group communications.

Medical communications

Whether it’s about generating data from your therapeutic field or highlighting special issues, we design, implement and publish studies, reports and surveys that are also of interest for scientific communication with your target groups. We use biometric analyses to evaluate data, compile a final report and then prepare this for presentation.

Whether it is medical information for advisory boards or developing exciting story boards for workshops, round tables or symposia, we draw upon our many years of experience and expert contacts during the design and implementation of our projects. We produce content and conduct high-caliber medically-focused training that is certified, interactive, digital and complementary.

Our medical writing experts devise the appropriate publication strategy, assist with literature research and author publications such as reviews, original work, posters and case studies, or compile academic information such as product monographs and study summaries. We display your data, facts and figures in the appropriate style in presentations and slide kits, or as info graphics in folders and flyers.